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Connor's Senior Session

In honor of my youngest brother leaving for college today, his senior session.

I just saw a post by my sister on Instagram, she posted a picture of Connor and she said she was so excited: excited to visit him, excited to FaceTime with him, excited to go to his games. I need to be more like her.

As I drank my tea this morning I was SO SAD because Connor going off to college means CHANGE. The word change in fact makes me itchy and I may or may not have even started breaking out into hives just typing that word. I'm going to miss him. And I'm going to miss the way the family dynamic was. Connor was always around. He was the youngest so inevitably he didn't have a choice until last year when he got his license. And then he was around by choice, he doesn't like change much either. He has cold cuts every Saturday, like every Saturday.

He did high school way better than me. I made him a graduation video; coaches, teachers, friends and family said the same thing: he worked hard at school, and he was himself in every setting home, school, friend's houses, the field, church, etc. and he gives the BEST HUGS.

I'm going to miss stopping over at my parents house and Connor greeting me with a hug and his gentle demeanor to brighten my day. He can lighten up any tense situation with his sense of humor. He is super laid back, and not easily offended, or easily angered. And he can ALWAYS find the good in anybody, or any situation.

So I'm going to try and be excited the way my sister is. I'm going to be excited that he gets to go away to school and play football, that he gets to make new friends, that I will get to FaceTime him and send him care packages, that Saturday's will now be spent traveling to watch him play football at college. Change can bring lots of good and exciting things (I'm super itchy right now, I'll be fine, really).

We'll see you soon Baby Kin. We're a phone call away. We LOVE you.

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