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Happy Quarter of a Century

My sister turned 25!

First and foremost my sister is my bestest friend.

A few reasons why I love her:

1. She is so fun!

2. She can find something good in almost anybody

3. She ran a marathon (it takes a determined, hard working, and committed person to do such a thing)

4. She puts others first (A LOT)

5. If you ever want to know you have a problem- you want her to tell you, she can say things in the nicest way

6. If you are her friend you mean the world to her: she is super good at relationships- she has deep, sincere, genuine friends because of the way she pours into relationships

7. She's a super good listener

8. She loves french fries and burgers

9. She is always up for an adventure but also loves sitting on the couch

10. She likes her music loud

And for all these reasons I decided to throw her a little surprise party for turning a quarter of a century!

Kris LOVES to paint. She's always been super artsy, so I told her I'd take her to the Painted Grape for her birthday with two of her close friends. Then I secretly invited my mom, and sisters, and some of her friends from college she hasn't seen in a while.

Her friends are the best they traveled over an hour to come!!

It was so fun to celebrate her (Also the lighting in the Painted Grape is on point).

I made these little party favors for the girls who traveled so far for Kristen. You can find the recipe for the popcorn and the free tags here

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